| Summer 2018: The first Sunday of Summer

A breath before the summer and the Kalamia Beach Bar are ready to welcome you. We open our doors and we are waiting for you all April 29 to celebrate all together the beginning of the summer, in our fully renovated space. There are a lot of surprises waiting for you to lose.

Doors open from 9:00 am until the first morning of the next day.

The beach of Kalamia Beach Bar is ready to welcome you. The most beautiful beach of Nea Artakis, since beyond its natural beauty all the necessary work has been done to make it warm and hospitable. Enjoy our wide variety of coffees, juice or refreshments. We also offer wonderful snak, as well as meals for our little friends. Easy access to the sea since it has no rocks and the coast is a sandy beach. Suitable for children and adults.

Come and taste our new menu in the renovated restaurant, overlooking the Evoikos. They are amazing for every appetite, since the new menu contains seafood, meat and pasta. Also, large varieties are offered to accompany your wine, beer or your ouzo / raspberry.

And surprises are not over, since this year we invite you to inaugurate our new beach bar. Come and have fun all at our new place next to the sea. You can find a wide range of cocktails and drinks.

Finally, for the friends of the sport and for those who want to learn, 2 new free beach volleyball courts have been created. We are also pleased to announce our cooperation with Halkis volleyball team, Hercules Chalkida, who will be with us all summer to train and make us love the beach volley.

Kalamia Beach Bar has large and free parking.