| Cooperation with Iraklis Chalkis

We are pleased to announce our cooperation with the historic volleyball team of Halkida, Hercules. It will be with us this summer to train you on the 2 modern beach volley courts that we have created. Our cooperation begins on May 1st.

Sections concern:

Learning Academies (ages 6-12)
pre-competitive segments (ages 12-16)
Racing divisions (Junior)
Beginners’ sections
Racing divisions
Championship classes
Camp Training
Tournament organization

Herakles Chalkis and Kalamia Beach Bar invite you to experience one of the most exciting Olympic sports, the King of Summer Sports and not just because the trainings through our club will be held all year round in sports facilities and an environment that will combine exercise with fun.

For our young friends and girlfriends, we inform them that beach volleyball training is one of the finest and most natural ways of training the whole body as the athlete – constantly moves on the sand that is medically recommended many times even for restoration and most importantly combines play with physical exercise and entertainment.

Few words about Herakles Halkidas and his story:

APFS HERAKLIS HALKIDA has been established as a Club since 1997 and is a member of the Local, Regional and Pan-Hellenic Volleyball Championships. It is the first sports club founded in Chalkida exclusively to develop and disseminate volleyball and beach volleyball.

Founder of the Association, the tireless volunteer worker Yannis Karkalis, whose name has been combined with Halkidiki volleyball and sport. For him he is the continuation of his successful career in the volcano of Chalkida initially as an athlete and then as the coach of the National Categories and Talents as he was nominated at the SAE on his tenure.

The main composite name “HERACLES OF HALKIDA” combines the greatest Greek half-god Heracles with the prehistoric and historical Chalkida and they are the symbols that characterize the proud course of the Athletic Association.

Nowadays “HERACLES HALKIDA” symbolizes consistency, love and will to teach young people and young people the values ​​of life, the idea of ​​sport, the concept of teamwork, the joy of victory and the importance of defeat and above all to love and to feel proud of their home town. “HERAKLES HALKIDAS” today is not just a sports club for our city, but the heart of the sport, the model for the next day of Halkidiki sports.

HERAKLIS HALKIDA, with a rich history of 20 years and a contribution to Sports, Youth and the Society of Chalkida, has been developing exclusively volleyball and beach volleyball (BeachVolley), promoting the sport on the beach and the beach, every day more athletes and sports fans.

More than 240 athletes and athletes compete daily at the HRAKLI HALKIDA sports divisions. The Association maintains Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Divisions of all categories, Academies, Panagiatis, Girls, Youth, Women, Babies, Children, Adolescents, Men and has achieved significant distinctions.

Particularly in academies, athletes and athletes, apart from learning the sport, are taught the messages of decent behavior and the “Playing Ego”. At the same time during the summer months, it pioneers and enables many children to participate in beachvolleysportscamp and ambitious athletes and athletes to participate in VolleyballTrainingCamp for improving and technical knowledge of the sport.